Sales, Design, and Installation Services


Network Services Solutions:  Total Asset Solutions provides its customers with a free analysis and auditing of your Network Services.  These services include your Local, Long Distance, and Internet Service Plans.  Total Asset Solutions goal is to help you select the most efficient plan for you and your company based on your needs, location, and the available companies servicing your area.  In the end you will be given a Total Solution that not only provides you with the hardware that your business needs, but also the best fitting services that run through that hardware.

Voice and DATA cabling:  No Job is too big or small when it comes to cabling.  Whether you simply need some wiring done for your phone system or for your Network Total Asset Solutions can provide everything from simple Category 3 Voice Cabling to Advanced DATA Network Cabling (Category 5e 350 MHz & Category 6 GHz) required for today’s POE and Layer III GHz Switches.  All of our cabling is Plenum Rated for today’s Code Requirements.

Network Termination Equipment:   Total Asset Solutions can provide you with a fully cabled solution right up to your network so that your IT Vendor can easily take over and make your network come to fruition.  We provide 2 and 4 Post Racks, as well as all applicable shelving, Cable Management Loom, Ceiling Trays, Patch Panels and Patch Cords for a Plug and Play hand off.

Installation Services:  Total Asset Solutions provides installation services for any and all new and existing AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and AVAYA Partner and Merlin Legend/Magix Systems as well as AVAYA IP Office Systems.  Total Asset Solutions will be happy to work with you on not only new installations, but Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs).  We specialize in T1/PRI Cutovers, Customer Build-Outs and Expansions, as well as a complete Relocation to a different site altogether.


If Total Asset Solutions does not provide a service you are in need of feel free to ask about our vast network of preferred vendors that we work with and have established relationships with from years of working together in the field.

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